by - October 04, 2016

Hey everyone, 

This September I started university to study BA(hons) Graphic Design. I don't think I've wrote about anything school related to me. So I'll take you back to catch you all up. 
So, two summer's ago I decided I wanted to go to university, at the time I was looking in to doing Midwifery or Nursing. However along the way I ended up on the line of Design. My background has always been in the art field. Going back before I was even in primary school. I always loved to create and design characters and make things from paper. I would always make steering wheels and gearsticks and make my grandma drive me places using it. I did a Level 2 in Art and Design as part of this, there was a project involving graphic design. This was the first time I had an interest in design. Before this would have always been drawing, painting and then developing in to fashion and design. So two summers ago I looked in to going to university to do a Graphic Design degree, I found out I needed a level 3 to get in so I found an access to HE course for Art and Design, I completed that this summer. And got in to BA (Hons) Graphic Design course. 

My first day at university, I was so excited to finally be where I had planned to be 2 years before that. I finally got there and can't wait to see what the future holds. 

I am not just a student now, I am a mature student with a husband, child, household to run, a family. So I am excited to see how things go. 

So Ellis has been in back at nursery for 5 half days a week. I was so excited to get him in to nursery even more. He has really come along a lot in nursery. He loves it aswell so that a plus. 

How do you organise your time? 
What do you do to help your little one get ready to go back to nursery/school?

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