Throwback Thrusday: Christmas Edition

by - September 13, 2016


Christmas 2015 was amazing, As I haven't posted about Ellis's second christmas I thought I may swell do it now to keep the memories alive. We set some new traditions and kept some old ones.

As a Present every night for the last 12 days leading up to christmas. We got a little present with a message on our doorstep. It was so lovely and so amazing. I really like this wooden nativity as well. 

Me and Nathan took Ellis to see Fenwick's christmas window display. This is a new tradition and we will carry on with this until Ellis is older. I used to go and see Fenwick's window with my grandparents and parents when I was little so It's nice to keep it going with my son. 

This was Ellis's Christmas Eve Basket, We have been doing this for every christmas for Ellis. We always put his little christmas plate in, his new christmas Pj's, a christmas soft toy and a christmas book.

This was our short little christmas throwback. With Christmas only 15 weeks ago it's nice to look back on last year's christmas.

See you soon

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