My Weekly Update

by - June 03, 2015

Hey everyone, 
  I haven't post a lot this past week which seems like it's been forever since I last posted. A lot has happened these last two weeks. I've made some big decisions and changes to benefit the future of my family and myself. I can't wait to share it all with you later on. Feeling like the future is bright and feeling super positive. 

 Anyway, where do I begin? Ellis has had a eventful week. But the best bits that have stuck out for me are. First, when we were waiting in the hospital car park for my gran to finish her meeting. I had to entertain Ellis in the car for a hour. Which by it's own was a challenge. He watched in the night garden and had his head out the window shouting for ducks. He was climbing up and down his car seat. But what makes this moment stick out is him learning how to put on his seat belt. And he was so happy with himself. It was so cute to watch and luckily I got it on video aswell. I'm always missing things on video because I always forget to get my phone out to video. And I regret it later on. One of my goals for myself is to really focus on getting more footage of Ellis. 

 Another thing this week that has stood out is the day we were watching peppa pig back to back. And everytime peppa came on. He would say pig pig pig. I was so cute. He loves peppa pig. We also did a sticker book that day aswell and stuck all his peppa pig stickers. And with that sticker book we got a poster, we put the poster up on the wall next to his craft table and everytime he goes past it, he always points and says pig. 

With everything that goes on in life and how busy it all gets. Everything passes you by so quickly. And I made a promise to Ellis the other day that I would take the time in the busy days we have to always sit and talk to him about his day and always treasure every minute we get to be together. 

So to the start of a new week and hopefully I lot more blog posts. I can't wait to see what this week brings and all the adventures that are to come. 

So until then. Enjoy and come say hi to us. 

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  1. Lovely post and I am glad you are feeling positive for the future.