Have You Thought About Car Safety?

by - June 19, 2015

Have You Thought About Car Safety Recently?

Lately I've realised how little I think about car safety. I'm personally not a car person at all, so I'm not sure if it's just me but if you are like me and don't think about your car safety alot. Maybe this can help you?

Sometimes especially as a parent we need to be that extra bit careful. Whether it's from double checking the road before walking over with our children or always keeping a eye on them in case they are doing something they don't know is dangerous. That being said we also having the responsibility to keep a bit more careful notice on the safety of our cars and tyres when we have our children in the car taking them places. 
 Top 3 things to consider when thinking of car safety as a parent:

Tyres;  It's important to keep an eye out for your tyre pressure and to keep them at the right pressure. Also keep an eye on your tyre tread. I would suggest Point S tyres as they have great prices, allow the convenience of checking out the complete range of tyres online, booking tyres online and get an instant quote. You can view all the other services available at Point S tyre depot too.

Brakes; It's just as important to keep your brakes checked. I know as a car owner and a parent that healthy brakes are important.

3. Suspension; This is important as the shock absorbs help keep the car in contact with the road.

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