We Met Iggle Piggle And Went Shopping

by - May 21, 2015

We Met Iggle Piggle And Went Shopping

As anyone that knows Ellis will know he is a Iggle Piggle lover. When we were in the shopping centre and Ellis found Iggle Piggle in his little boat. So what did Ellis do first? Of course he tried to stick his fingers in Iggle's mouth. Ellis's thing at the moment is feeling tongues. He also has learnt to stick his tongue out at everyone and laughs his little head off. It's so cute. 

He didn't stay to long on the boat as he doesn't like staying still too long as most people will know that toddlers just don't sit still ever. So it was really hard to get a picture of him sat down next to Iggle because all he wanted to do was stand and touch Iggle. Ellis is really starting to get a right little personality and it's so fun to watch and learn all about.

Ellis love running on grass. So we spend a good chunk of time playing on the grass before we went in and got nana. 

Of course when we ever go shopping because Ellis has become my little shopping pal lately. Their has to be a sausage roll reward. He didn't finish it all though today as he hasn't been eating all his lunch's. But that's a whole other story to tell. 

It's been a good day. What did you do today? 

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