Top 5 Things To Distress When Baby Goes To Bed

by - May 13, 2015

You know them days where you just feel like everyone expects you to be a superhero? Well I'm having one of them weeks. Sometimes people don't realise what stress mothers are under.

So here's my top 5 things to distress when baby goes to bed:

1. Get some of your few bath products mine at the moment are some lush bath bombs that I purchased the other day. And get your favourite TV show on or netflix and have a lovely long bath.

2. Put some candles on and read your favourite book in candle light with a blanket.

3.  Sit down with a huge cup of hot chocolate and catch up on the soaps. As Ellis's bedtime routine has been a bit backwards lately I haven't been able to watch my soaps when they come on TV so I have to record them or watch them on demand.

4. Watch my favourite youtuber on the laptop in bed with some sweets and chocolate.

5. I love just getting my sketchbook out and putting my headphones in and listening to music while drawing. I can lose hours doing this. 

So here's my top 5 things to destress when baby goes to bed. Every mother need some me time even if it is at night before you get to sleep. I treasure these time I have because it keeps me sane.

Enjoy and would always love to hear from you. 


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