Throwback Thursday: Walk Around Hardwick Park

by - May 09, 2015

Throwback Thursday

We spent the morning at Hardwick park, a local country park near where we live. It was really sunny before we set off where I live and when we got here it was dull and just plain miserable. But Ellis loved it regardless. There is a castle here, a nature walk, a huge lake, a little river and loads of different wild birds. I didn't get many shots of the different bird wild life like I wanted to because Ellis was too busy running after them and playing duck whisperer.

Ellis's loved the ducks. He really does like animals.

He was so focused on the ducks.

 We had a little walk through the woodland. Ellis played with the sticks.

 View of the lake.

Ellis's Outfit here is:
Raincoat: Next
Jeans: Next
Shoes: British Knights

hope you enjoyed this

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