Throwback Thursday: Day in the garden

by - May 06, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Day in the garden

 Lately the weather where I live hasn't been the greatest, so here is a throwback of the first day we got to wear shorts and sandals this year. We had a great day in the garden. Ellis adores playing in the garden every chance he has. It's nice having a child that loves the outdoors.This was also Ellis's first hair cut day. Mummy didn't like it at first but it did grow on me and now I love it, He can basically pull of anything even though I freaked out at first with the change. Ellis loves his little garden chair because it's the perfect sized for him.

  We also decided to go the beach this day, sadly I didn't take any pictures of the beach as when we got there it was dinner time. So we ended up going for fish and chips and a play in the arcade. Which Ellis loved and found a Iggle Piggle ride. He loves anything Iggle Piggle. He surprisingly ran straight to the big boy race cars. I can't wait for this summer to get in to full swing. I've already created my summer bucket list for Ellis & one for me. 

These are Ellis's cute new sandal from Next. 

Ellis's Outfit is from Next and Primark
Top; Next £5
Short; Primark £4
Sandal; Next £11



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