How To Survive A Cold With A Toddler

by - May 08, 2015

How To Survive A Cold With A Toddler 

So this past week we've had colds. Ellis has had it first and then past it on to me and back and forth. Luckily now though we have both got over it minus a few sniffles here and there. So I thought I'd write a post about how to survive your cold with a toddler. As a mother you don't get sick days even when you really need them because you have a dependant child who needs you more than you need your bed sometimes. So you pick yourself up and you just carry on. With struggle I may add but needless to say it's hard and all you want to do is curl up in bed and sleep it off. 

So here's a few things that's helped us get through this week with a cold:

Top Right: Jackson Reece Natural Nose Nuzzle Wipes x20
This are very important. They keep your little ones little nose's all clean and germ free and hopefully help stop the redness and soreness. 

Top Left: Calpol Infant Sugar Free
Number one thing to always have in your changing bag, house, with you. As this is a miracle worker for many things, we have found. Plus Ellis loves the taste of it and loves the syringe to sucks on it for more coming out.

Bottom Right: Toy Story
As this is Ellis's all time favourite film, we have been watching it almost non stop. Which I don't mind when he's poorly. It seems to cheer him up. So recommend a favourite film.

Bottom Left: Panda Bear 
Panda bear is so soft and so cuddly. Ellis loves cuddling him with a blanklet watching his favourite tv show or film.

Top Right: Calpol Saline Nasal Drops
We didn't use this that much this week, but it's always nice to have around when little noses get all stuffed up.

Top Left: Calpol Vapour Plug & Nightlight
Even thought Ellis doesn't normally sleep with a nightlight it's always a nice addition.

Top Right: Tesco Max Strength Cold and Flu Day and Night
Kept me going and kept me from being unable to leave my bed. It did took awhile for my cold to leave, but I put that down to me and Ellis both giving each other it back.

Top Left: Tissues 
This were for me as my nose never stopped running this week. 

With all this said the much important thing to remember when trying to survive a cold or flu with a child is stay strong. It will pass, the cold wont be here forever. Just try and enjoy the precious time with your children with a cold or without a cold.

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