What I Ate Wednesday: Frankie and Benny's

by - May 04, 2015

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I haven't been feeling very well all week so we haven't had the chance to go out much. So this evening we decided to go for a little shopping and go out for some food. We decided on Frankie and Benny's. I think it's fast became one of my favourite places to go. Ellis loves the music played and started to dance. It's so adorable when he does his little dancing. He's a good little dancer. Even though I think i'm a little biased but it's cute anyway. He's so well behaved in public as long as he doesn't get bored or isn't too hungry, he's perfectly fine. 

I got the BBQ chicken pizza and I ordered Ellis a fish fingers kids menu. I loved at the desert menu but couldn't mangage it in the end. Maybe I should try getting my desert first? Does anyone do that? or Ever done that in a restuarant? Ellis ate almost a quater of my pizza and his chips so maybe I should learn to just get a side of chips and half my pizza with Ellis. Maybe next time?

 What did you eat for dinner today?


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  1. I was always fortunate my 3 have been great in restaurants :) Today we had hot dogs and cesar salad as I was to lazy to make anything large or a lot of work lol! Nice to meet you and welcome to the blogging world!

    1. Thank you, you also, I'm pretty lucky with Ellis he's always happy to be out the house and a pretty good eater so I never have to worry about menus :)