Ellis's Birth Story

by - May 03, 2015

On Saturday 2nd November 2013, I realised that I hadn't felt Ellis move for a while, So I called the maternity ward straight away. The midwife on the phone asked a few questions and told me to come straight in to hospital to get little baby monitored and checked over. Mum and me ordered a taxi straight away because I couldn't drive and my parents don't drive so taxi it was. I got a little handbag packed. Once the taxi arrived it was a lady taxi driver and when I told her I was overdue and going to hospital. I think she panicked a little bit I would as well  if I was a taxi driver. 

Picture of the heartbeat monitor at hospital

When we arrived at 6pm that evening we were put in a side room to wait for the doctors to check me over, that evening was very busy all the rooms were nearly full and the nurses were rushed off their feet, so we had to wait a couple hours. After being monitored for a hour, the midwife told me they had decided to give me a stretch and sweep. I was 5 days overdue at this point so I was booked in for a sweep during the following week. At 11pm a doctor came in and give me a sweep and told me to come back on Monday morning, Ellis had other plans because as soon as I got in the taxi home I started to have contractions. These contractions were very close and strong from the very start.

I waited thinking they would get worse but they never did so finally 6am come and I started to get the urge to push so my mum phoned the the ambulance and they got me to hospital. When we arrived they send me to a delivery room and examined me. I was 10cm dilated. I freaked out as there wasn't any time for pain relief. And after 2 hours of slow pushing and all I could think of was a bacon sandwich. The feeling of holding your little baby that you carried and already loved more than your whole soul in your arms for the first time is indescribable without question! I felt overwhelmed and shocked but so in love. 

Ellis Robert Pennington was born at 9:33am Sunday Morning of 3rd November 2013 weighing at 8lb 5oz with no pain relief and a natural birth. 

Greatest blessing I could have asked for and more!


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