Ellis's 18 Month Update

by - May 04, 2015

As of 3rd May, my little boy is now 18 months old and knows his own mind. I can't believe my baby is already 18 months old. He's so grown up or at least he likes to think he is until he needs a cuddle. He's a very cuddly kind of person which I adore because that means mummy gets loads of cuddles and kisses lately. It's really scary how time goes by without you really realising. However I am proud of the wonderful person he is becoming which makes me one very proud mummy.

 He's really starting to put his own little sentences together. I think altogether he can say about 25 word, his new word is dog, whenever he sees our chihuahua he runs up to him shouting "dog dog dog." It's adorable. They are best friends Harry the chihuahua always gets his toys out from his bed and takes them to Ellis to play with. They have a real bond. Ellis is so gentle with Harry as well. He's really started dancing along to music as well. When uptown funk comes on he rushes to the television and starts his little dancing. It's so cute.

We've had to get Ellis a few new tops this month because he's growing in to 18-24 months clothes for the summer, so I've made a good start on his summer 18-24 months wardrobe. Which I'm happy with because Zara's little boys summer clothes are adorable and Ellis looks so cute in little boy's leggings. I'm currently looking for some cute little stores to get some new summer leggings from. I have my eye on a few at the moment so we shall see if I buy them. Let me know if you recommend any stores?

5 Things Ellis enjoys doing at 18 months:

1. He's discovered the love of outdoors. Walks to the park. Walks around the block. Feeding the ducks. He loves the ducks. Always loves going in the garden with grandad.

2. He loves putting DVDs on and watching them sometimes changes them over half way though the film. His love for toy story and Sherk haven't changed at all.

3. His That's not my books. He loves the That's not my robot. 

4. Doing the cleaning and washing. Ellis adores the washing machine and clothes. taking them out the washing machine and putting them back in the washing machine. He loves helping mummy do the housework. 

5. Putting on his shoes and coat to go out. Mostly just putting on shoes, even mummy's or grandad's shoes. Mummy's shoes are easier to walk around in. He's so funny when he comes walking in to the living room with one of my shoes on thinking he's so clever.

5 Favourite TV shows and Film:

1. In the Night Garden
He's loved this TV show since he was about 3 months old. He sits and watches the whole episode. Which I find so amazing for a 18 month old attention span. As soon as the intro music comes on, he instantly knows it's in the night garden and sits down ready to watch it.

2. Toy Story
Over the past few months this film has fast became his favourite film. He sits down for near the full film depending on if he's tired or not and watches it all! Insane right? for a toddler his age? Anyway out of the three film's his favourite is the first one. He laughs at the same scenes every time. The one where Rex ( that's the big friendly dinosaur) tips the walkie talkie of the table and the batteries fall out. That gets him every time. Recently he has gotten a toy Bullseye, that's the horse from toy story 2. And he calls it a doggy and pets it's head. It's so cute. I try and tell him it's a horsey but he's just having none of it.

3. Peppa Pig
While I think this is a favourite among all children and adults. I love Peppa pig which is a good thing because Ellis is in the stage where he can watch back to back episodes. He also loves his giant George pig. He rides around in his car with him. 

4. Something Special 
Mr Tumble is always on Cbeebies on a morning and he just really finds Mr Tumble so funny. Doesn't watch it all but still enjoys it at all.

5. Chuggington
This show is also on Cbeebies on week morning and Ellis loves his trains at the moment. He loves the theme song on Chuggington and dances along to it.


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