Day out at: Metro Shopping Centre

by - May 11, 2015

 Day Out At: Metro Shopping Centre

Yesterday we decided to have a little ride out in the car. So we waited until Ellis was up from his nap and set off in the car. We ended up getting on the road up to the Metro Shopping Centre in Gateshead. We spend about 6 hours here in total without realising what time it was.

We started off looking for the toilets. You know how it is when you have babies. Whether it's you or your child needs the toilet someone always has to go. 

Subway was on the menu for us. The cookie I halved with Ellis because I'm nice like that. After a long day of unexpected shopping and walking all the way around the shops. I got Ellis his Bullseye toy that we saw earlier on that day in the Disney store. We love the Disney store. I couldn't believe how many soft toys there were this time we went. Ellis, of course seemed to like ALL of them. He had his eyes on his Bullseye toy. So Mummy treated him for being such a good boy that day. And it will add to his collection anyway.

We had a late day out. I got myself some pyjamas bottoms from Primark. When we finally got home. I got Ellis ready for bed in his new pyjamas. He also got new ones aswell. I got him ready for bed and Ellis says to me as we are going upstairs "I get Dog" meaning his Bullseye horsey. He cuddled his all the way home and all night. Even now he carries him around with him and sleeps with him tonight aswell. I think it's his new favourite toy. It's so cute. 


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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day out :) Nice post! Oh and yes finding the washroom is always on the agenda lol