Can I Help My Toddlers Development More?

by - May 09, 2015

Can I help my toddlers development more?

So I've just been reading around about toddlers and toddler ideas on the Internet. It's become a guilty pleasure of mine lately, I hope I'm not the only one. Anyways I came across this article about toddler's development from the ages of 18 months to 23 months and it was saying about how taking your toddlers shopping with you will improve their develop. That then lead me to think about it alot more and what I can do more as a mum of a toddler.

‘There is evidence that more active activities can boost the development of children’s capabilities’

 This is a quote from the research team from the article. I often wonder whether I'm doing enough as a mother to provide the best start to his develop and Am I doing it right But I think every parent thinks this along the line sometime. With life that gets in the way sometimes, it's vital to always allow time to play and interact with your children and build a firm relationship even if it's just the simple things like kissing them goodnight or read a story book which them. It's important to know we all are doing our very best and that's all that can be asked of us. But I'm no expect and I'm a first time mother and learning as I go. I think whether your a first time mum or a fourth time mum you learn something every time because life is about learning and developing whatever your doing.

So I've thought of a few things I can do to help improve my toddlers development:

  • Read books with them and let them pick out which books they want to read even if you only end up looking at one or two pictures. Ellis loves looking at one pictures in a Peppa pig book and then puts it away.
  • Tell stories together
  • imaginative play.
  • Building blocks, Ellis loves piling up objects from around the house. He finds it so fun and keeps him entertained for a good while as well.
  • Painting and colouring books
  • Arts and Craft 

 I love watching my child sit and play and talk away to all his toys that he's lined up. It brings great joy to watch them be happy.Please let me know if you have any ideas of fun time or activities you do with your children?
Hope you have a good day.



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