Beauty Favourites; April 2015

by - May 08, 2015

Beauty Favourites; April 2015

 I've decided to share my favourite's from this month because I have actually brought more than I normally do.

 The first thing I thought I'd share is this little cute lantern candle holder from Ikea £2. This currently lives in my bedroom on my desk.

 I love the perfume by Rihanna called reb'l fleur, it's fast became my go to perfume. You know when you get so use to putting it on you don't really realise that your putting on until it's too late to go back. Luckily, this has a gorgeous smell to it.

I picked this up from savers the other day and it's amazing. I have crazy rough hands. This has a gorgeous smell to it and it's working pretty well on my hands so far. Is there any hand creams you'd recommend that's worked wonders for you?

 Benefit Mascara They're Real, This is by far my favourite item in this blog post. This works great with my eyelashes. I have really blonde eyelashes so when I don't wear mascara it looks like I don't have any at all. This is so easy to apply and works great with just one application. Which is wonderful for us busy mother's.

This is relatively new, I've only tried it for a few days now but what I can tell I'm liking it and it's doing its job, And my skin seems to be getting a little brighter and clearer. I'm happy with this so far.

 Favourite blusher at the moment Mac Cosmetics powder blush in the shade pinch me , I love the tone of this colour and how it works with my skin tone. The lady at the mac counter recommended this shade to me, otherwise I would have never picked out this shade for myself. I'm used to be rather unadventurous when it comes to blushes. I'm so happy with this purchase.

 I finally got around to burning my Christmas scented Yankee candles Iclcles, I got this one in the twin pack  medium sized jars, icicles and Christmas cookie.

I got this from our local Tesco on special offer at the moment half price I think it was.What attracted me to these were that they were bedtime pampering wipes to get your skin ready for bedtime. Lately I've been wanting to mix up my nighttime skin routine and improve it as I want to look after my skin a little better, as you only have your skin once. If anyone has any recommends feel free to share, thank you.

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