Am I A Bad Mother?

by - May 12, 2015

Am I a bad mother?

This is a question most commonly asked amongst us parents. I would never question myself or my ability. I know I am a brilliant mother to my child. I would do anything. But you know that voice inside your head that says "Can you be better?" "Are you doing enough?" "Because I'm not doing the same as that mother, Am I a bad mother?" I need to start telling myself or making little reminders to myself that I am doing my best.

Sometimes I often question the little things like can you spend more time with them? Or when you put toy story on and let your child sit on the sofa with his toys watching it while you get your washing done. I think we all need to remind ourself it's okay to get things done or how else are we going to do it? It's just okay.

Anyway, the reason before all this thinking today is, today we have had a catch up day. All of last week we've been poorly so that of course meant no washing done, no ironing done, hardly any housework done. So today was the start of the week and a start on the catch up. 

Firstly, Ellis had a early doctor appointment, followed by a little trail around the town. We went looking at the pet store for guinea pigs and bunny's. Lately I've been thinking about getting Ellis a guinea pig. I loved my pet guinea pig when I was younger. And really interested in getting another. Our next door neighbour has some rabbits out in her garden and Ellis is always looking through the fence to see them. 

Then it was nap time for Ellis, While nap time this was the main catch up time. I did good and got mostly everything done. So we are nearly back on track. This afternoon has been a eventful one for many different reasons. 

How you ever wondered to yourself why do I feel like I'm a bad mother when I'm doing my best and completely rocking it. Sometimes we compare ourselves to others. We need to tell ourselves that's we are good parents regardless of what others do around us and just be our own types of parents in our own ways because that's exactly who our children need us to be. Ourselves for them. 

At the end of the day, what would we be without our children. I know I wouldn't be where I am right now and I love where I am. I wouldn't know the unconditional love of a parent for a child without my son. 

It's just okay to be okay. 


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  1. I've asked myself the same question and I came to a conclusion that most probably while I am comparing myself to another parent, they themselves are most probably comparing themselves to me asking the same question! We all question ourselves if we are a bad parent, a good parent or are we just an ok parent. I think the answer doesn't lie in us, but the answer lies in our children... Have a look at him and see if he's happy?