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Day Out At: A Little Walk With Nature

A Little walk with nature.

My husband and I have recently moved our family in to the country side. We live in England so it is well known for it's green green grass and farm lands. Now that we live in it, and my husband will agree with me on this, I have never appreciated it as much as we do now. Anyway, We have started a little tradition as a family on Sunday to take our little puppy on a country nature walk. And we had family over this past weekend and we were able to take them out on our new tradition as well. I am very grateful for all the little things that have come in to our lives these past few weeks.

Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. What do you enjoy about nature walks? Leave a comment below? 

Speak to you soon.



This was the first year that we had decided to go on the polar express train weardale. In December on television as a family we watched the polar express movie and Ellis loved it! He sat all the way through it with us, which if anyone that knows Ellis will know that he only sits through anything with planes or cars in.

It was a amazing experience for all of us! We didn't know what to expect at first but we loved it and can't wait until next year to go back. We read the polar express book together with a huge book, sang songs and had hot chocolate and cookies!

We plan on doing this with our families every year from now on! It was brilliant, Just like the book and movie! 

Our Family Bucket List for 2017

Hey Everyone

As it's the start of the new year, As a family we are looking in to new goals for this coming year.

Our main one is to get outside more as a family. 
Whether it be day trips or just spending more time doing family walks. So here is some of our Family bucket List for this year;

Family Bucketlist for 2017

1.  Visit Disneyland Paris again this year. 
At the moment every time Ellis gets his coat on and goes outside, he thinks he's going on the train      or plane to Disneyland Paris again. We took Ellis to Disneyland Paris as you've seen in my previous post, He loved it but he didn't have the knowledge of the Disney characters as he does at the moment. Nathan and I would also love to go back as experience it again as a family. We know where everything is this time and want Ellis would or wouldn't like. Which will be a super timesaver for us. 

2. Take part in the me and mine project. 
I absolutely love the idea of family photos at the end of every month. I also do the project life 52 weeks so this me and mine project will work very well with this.

3. Go on a UK Break 
As I am student I have a lot of time off in the summer and with the universities swapped over to the semester term times we have 3 weeks off for spring break aswell. 

4. Go to Winter Wonderland or Lapland at Christmas
This past christmas 2016 we seen that the sacconejoly's went to lapland in London. We would love to plan to take Ellis there this Christmas. 

5. Take Ellis to the Cinema for the first time. 
We plan on taking Ellis to the cinema for the first time with us when Cars 3 the movie comes out in the UK this summer. I quite possibly think this may be the only film in the cinemas that Ellis won't want to escape from. 

6. Visit Thomasland
We would love to Visit Thomasland while Ellis is still loving trains and thomas. Because he is getting much more in to marvel and transformers recently, I would love to not miss out on taking him to Thomasland. 

7. Go on a Sunny Holiday
We would love to take Ellis and our family on a sunny holiday. It would be amazing to see how Ellis is with the kids clubs and beaches. 

8. Go to visit family more 
We would love to visit our families a little more this year. 

9. Visit the Christmas Markets
We didn't have the chance to do this last year. so Hopefully we can do this year.

10. Throw Ellis's a birthday party
We haven't throw elli's a birthday party before so this year will be a perfect time. He has so many friends from school and cousins now.

What is your Family's Bucket List? Do you have annual Goals as family? 


Hey everyone,

So I'm a little late in posting this blog post. But I got married. 20th August 2016 we got married. 

We got married in a small town in the north east of England to an amazing man. As you can probably see from my last blog post, We took our honeymoon at Disneyland Paris Resort with our little boy. 

I am so excited to finally share our wedding pictures with you guys! We opted for a elegant wedding surrounded by our family and friends. We hope you will enjoy these shots as much as we did our big day!

So I will follow this blog post by a more in-depth blog about our whole wedding day. 

Our day was everything we had ever dreamed or imagined it to be. It was filled with all the people and things that we both love. It was so much more special that we could have our son there with us. It truly was a celebration of happiness and excitement. Both Nathan and I wanted all of guests to enjoy themselves. 

Wedding Photographer:,

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